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Pocket Change

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(verse 1: pocket change)
Pocket change !!!
Nigga i'm the best
I'm ready to start a
Motherfucking slugfest
I got my crew with me
We shuttin you down
Dont front on me
Fuck you clown
Detroit get crunk!!!
Tear off the roof
Get the fuckin liqor
Pour it out for proof
All the ladies
Take off your clothes
Let me see them thongs
Now touch your toes
All the playas
Throw your hands in the sky
Girls, drink and weed
Let's party till we die!
If you're a sucka
I'm knockin you out
Dont talk shit
It aint what i'm about
Wildin out
I'm going to the rave
With my man manny,
Jaysta and dave
My brain isnt working,
But i dont care
I'm going insane
And ill stop it there

Pocket change...

(verse 2: pocket change with auto-poc)
Bws europe - load of faggots,
Fuck big j,
That guy is gay!
He got kicked out,
But i must stay
In the d !
In the streets - the place where i pack my heat,
I'm detroit from my head to my feet.
Fuck with me,
I'll leave you six feet deep
R.i.p. tommygunn
He was a funny one
He kept it g-unot !


(lil' jon bridge)
But you know what nigga
Bitch niggas get dealt wit motherfuckin' real quick! ice cube!

(verse 3: ice cube)

Here we come boy
Real niggas shoot ta kill betta run boy
Or you can tell me how i feel as a
Real nigga
Which nigga
Go get a bitch nigga
No better
Hoes better do what i say
Cuz i'm insane in tha brain (insane in the brain)
Bitch i got rick james in my veins
Real niggas never change
We just let it bang
Roll thru tha gutter lane
Daddy said let 'em hang
And cut 'em like its butter man
Skeet skeet skeet
Naw thats tha other man
Cuz my skeet never leaked
Out this rubber mayne
Tna ain't workin' niggas dna
That crazy bitch'll have ya ass off e&j
Fake niggas got these real bitches bein' gay
Til my peoples come around its like night and day
Now she wanna change her god and the way she pray
Authentic niggas all know thats tha playa way


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