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Dirty Dike

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Yeah, less of that soppy bullshit
Lets try and liven things up a little bit
Yeah, your back in tune to your favourite wanker
Hahahaha, make noise if your bored of your life

I bring a massive bag full of compost and constant beats
Stomp my feet and watch what i want to see
Obnoxious freak lost in a monsters teeth
I'm bailing baby, sqaushed beef and i drop the beat
I spill gravy, i'm still just a little bit crazy
Me and jay killed every single gig lately
Been a bit cagey the skinny kid shakey
The lyricist played by the sniff he spit rabbies
Listin chris made me, the hippy kid maybe
Still i see the difference in this shit abyss plainly
Pick n' mix baby covered in the future
Jugglin' the truth like i'm stuck in a computer
Fuck it you're in tune to the troubles of a loser
Cuddlin' a cube love and suck it like a hoover
Nothing but the truth, gettin buggared in a room
Full of fantasized punishment smothered on the tune
You better walk by or get force fed a pork pie
Your wife was knocking on my door like all night
I talk shite, snort lines and i'm e'd up
Clean cut guys get tortured and beat up
Mr. d just walks in the street
Fuck talking to tree stumps, roaring on police trucks
Catch me chopping off a fat rock of chaplin

Hats off my raps got the back drop collapsing
I'll match what you can bring
Has been i'll have you in a backspin embarrassed
Sitting battered with a hand print
"yeah that's him!
Yeah the breh with the funny hat
Wearing a rubbish bag"
Yeah, yeah shut it slag
Mouth shut, i got the pimp hand amped up
A loud cunt knows to shout stuff i'll leave your house fucked
Mr. partyman after sippin' lager cans
I sniff half a gram and charm the piss from your aunties pants

I'm bored of my life
Talking my shite
Snorting my lines
Like pork to the pie
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Track 10 of constant dikestar ep
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