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Date de parution : 16/09/2013

Durée : 0:04:24

Style : Electronic

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O pudding ball and sugar dolls
You can't tell them all appart
Pretty flaws and painted claws
Sweet potatoes, butter, fall !
Even tall people crawl against
The scented meadow wall
Cheetah toss dem chatty jaws
Why'd you wait so long to call

Ch: it could be so easy
If i knew what you knew
Forebear and teach me
Like only you can do

Lemon ô lime
Lucky the day you beg me please
Down to the berry bobby jeez
Down to your knee
Couple of times
Rackety wrecking my theories
A rain of croco tears
Is all i need !


Black beauty spots
Can go to rot
Candy called it "bombaclat", o
Cherry drops drank silly jokes
Adam's apple, apricots
It's gettin' dark
Too dark to walk
Let's lay down
Take out our socks
I think you're nuts
Tied up in knots
Never trust some hippie's pot !

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