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(verse 1: iv)
Hopped up out the jag with a couple duffle bags
Got that south dallas swagg
And we poppin purple tags ayye
Jeans up i clean up nice gold bottles
And bad bitches that dont act right
Up all night
Sex in expensive cars bar for a note
She hit em high when i hit her low
She like to ride treat ya bitch like my whip i just slide up inside
(verse 2: iv)
Steady stackin up shawty back it up
Yea we in this bitch and we actin up
In the vip section call shawty up and tell her she my next selection
Its just me and you i got that weapon
Backshots them lethal injections
He ain't gotta know we poppin poppin purple tags ho
She got a man but uh she got a plan
To have me in ha pants by the end of the night
Now thats a tight fit im on that nike shit
I'mma do it whenever whereever
We get into it i puts it down
Its the nigga matt downs but uh you know
Me by the infamous vice

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