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The Plot In You

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Date de parution : 18/04/2011

Durée : 0:02:51

Style : Rock

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Something's off, i can taste it now,
Everything in the room keeps spinning,
Please stop moving, please stop standing there,
My throat is getting so dry, i'm freaking out,
God help me, i am losing my mind,
I'm living in my fathers spite and my mothers fear

I will never know my life,
I will never sleep through the night,
This is your mistake,
Correct it and cut off

All this time i thought you hated me,
I guess it's my fault you couldn't control yourself
And the demon between your legs.
I will never give you the satisfaction,
You'll never hear me screaming

Fuck you and these little games you play,
You're wasted now, you've thrown your life away

I can see you're getting slower every day,
Your lungs are giving out,
Your arms are slowing down,
We both know this can't last forever,
Things will change

Everything will change

I can't take another bite,
I can't hold this down

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