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Tung Twista

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(verse 1)
Oh - back again makin the rhythm kick jazz
Used to be wick-wack, now i got funky pizzazz
Idryss'll do my fade-up cause he cuts em like class
And the chicks want me to lick cause i'm too quick, i think i'll pass
Dollars, if i don't fold em, i roll em like a bolo
Other steppin to brothers cause he be god? oh no
G-o-d, i be not he, it's true, don't call me loco
And my man eric the wiz will stir the mini mix up like coco
Cut like michael myers, start up fires, i'm a scar hard
Thinkin i be wimpy, i just simply rip em far apart
Ansaars in new york, i know that you know that you are god
This brother's from chicago, so i guess i'm a chigagod
Rhythm is my producer of rhythms on the wax
The posse lower level be kickin some funky tracks
Never ask, i ax, i get madder than max
Diggem smacks, if they try to tax i play em like a sax

Rock - me call it what?
Rock - me call it what?

(verse 2)
Styles, i hand em, i brand em like cattlecakes
Better get flows from your bros if a battle takes
I hear a hiss, the tale of a taddle shakes
Backs this breaks givin aches to the rattlesnakes
I get spunky with funky stylin
Rhythms i flow, i kick them wild and
Tryin to get with the styles i'm pilin
For your sob story i better get the violin
Come again - watch a fun one construct
I don't like sissy chickens and i hate a sucker duck
Some label me a sucker because ducks i like t pluck
The only way i be a sucker is if women wanna suck
Always goin broke so i don't dig into my stash
I'm cool as brian robbins on the show _head of the class_
If you don't get the picture, make the camera go flash
When this rhythm was a baby, doc spanked him on his - jaz


(verse 3)
Study my culture, soar like a vulture
My teacher marvin howard will create my sculpture
I'm kickin islam, some brothers try to bomb
Facts can harm but i still say salaam
Sometimes i blush, bust and leave puss
Hush if i must, plus i don't forget to flush
With suckers i fuss, thought i was soft like a slush
Chicagods crush cause they think toys r us
Hip (hip what) hop
This funky hip (hip what) hop
Is funky hip (hip what) hop
This funky hip (hip what) hop
'll make a drip (drip what) drop
I like to rip (rip what) shop
I always slip (slip what) cops
Reachin the tip (tip what) top
Come in again
Buck-buck, my rhythm be knockin at the do'
Mi stamina rock, mi stamina rock, bloodclot, i do not know
Why they judge me by one rap and say too fast i flow
Even though i kinda thought i said it slow - oh


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