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The Dan Tucker Band

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Keep playing it thru/don't stop until i'm far gone down the road/with a full-life dream fill/not high-speed, slow weed or an l.s.d. pill.
Just a trip on life's uppers and a lift from life's downs/on an acid trip without the burn/on a one way trip of no return.

A reject of society/a turn-down for a salary.
It's not the way that it should be/all the rejects of society/all the rejects of society.

On freeze without a needle/in a cube on a fizz thru a mind of pure thought.
"change your looks and way of life"/they say that will take care of discord and strife.
Not of this earth because the trip is past the cities and the countries/a new form of goodies that support/filling up now because the time is so short

All the rejects of society/all the rejects of society/no more! no more! no more!!! no more!!!!!!!

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