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Okay we gon' set the coordinates
For q unique to travel through
Rhyme time travel, ahh
We're going to send him
1979, 1988 and 1999

Nineteen, seventy-nine

Hooo, hooo
Say, 'ho, ho'
(ho, ho)
Ah with the a to the b, the c to the d
Come on, party people get with me
Swingin', i give you what you need
And just check the rhyme as i proceed
Ah with the funk box no dreadlocks
I keep a fade and stay well paid

The funky speakin' puerto rican without a doubt
And suckers wanna test, you get smacked in the mouth
With the r e s p e c e t
No kid, don't you play with me
R e s p e c e t
'cause i'm rollin' with the rsc
I'm with the arsonists to the zulu nation
To the top the destination with unity and elevation
Speak q unique beats innovation

Nineteen, eighty-eight

Arsonists, settin' fires
D'stroy, swell boogie, freestyle
Jise one, q unique

The force of one, vocally sprayed by poetic machine gun
Acknowledge existence of a prodigy born son
Even the odds divide come up with the sum
And the remainder will be one
The quni, que

Check the menu, for what it'll be
Steady flow more, for lyrical pop
'cause i walk talk look live breathe hip-hop
Futuristic boy, rock steady crew
Check your chinese calendar, it's the year of the q

Calm, down, my pace so you can
Hop all over lyrical roller coaster ride
As i, once again climb slowly up the track
Then fall in a poetical burst of an array
Of fat linguistic dispersion

So get a grip like a velcro strap
'cause when i step up i kicks the crazy rap
Conflict is none, the rhymes outdone
Check the tactics to the force of one

Nineteen, ninety-nine

Q united, rock steady rhymer
Arsonist settin' fire, check it
All throughout the seasonal, the epitome of hip-hop
Locks mic cord to track board to spite all rap overlords

When from out the heavens street lessons
And battle tactics from rhythm speak
Qu and the art of studyin' the 1200 technic
Ceremonial master killer, apply the fat cap to the filler

And still and yet, you have no defense against my six step
Only thing that separates me from the mic is space and time
And it'll be a matter of minutes before orbitin' graceful lines
Search your place and find, q unique way up now first in line

Words written will radiate, hence the verse will fly in
Used to listen to ice cube curse a rhyme
Now i shine like sunrise in the summertime
I'm like hmm, never mind, one of a kind

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