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Finding Fire

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I am poor, and i am happy.
I am young, and the times are hard.
I seen a girl, and theres a twinkle in her eye,
Now i know, i won't, be alone...

Well look at us, just married,
We'll have the world, we'll have a son.
He'll be a good boy, i know it,
For the good things,
That, we've have done.

I'm 45, in a neon caddilac,
Just another year, and time ain't turning back.
I've lost my love, and as she passes me by,
Theres a ribbon in the sky.

Now theres a place, for an old man like me to go,
I was scared before, but now i'm just worried, don't you know.
And as the world draws a rainbow down below,

Theres a ribbon in the sky.
Oh another ribbon, passing you by.

Just say goodbye...
Say goodbye...
Say goodbye...

Don't you cry

We'll heavens got a place for the people to go, that's it.

We'll my son,
Just say goodbye.

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