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Rob Klajda

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I cant turn around now
Im already half way there
I might not make it all the way
At this point i dont care
Its all about the ride
All about the fight
Swimming across the riptide
Swimming into the light
Its all a big clich
Water flowing, making waves
Life goes on
So they say
You never know when you wake up
If its your last day
Choose your battles wisely
Until theyre chosen for you
Once you accept the mission
Theres nothing more to do
They say youre measured
By what you leave behind
I cant say thats not true
But every ship outruns its wake
Before drifting out of view
The sun still shines without you
The trees are blooming
The birds are singing
The kids are playing
And im still living
But every day i wonder
Why you swam away so soon

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