Paroles de River of time

Jorma Kaukonen

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Date de parution : 10/02/2009

Durée : 0:02:56

Style : Rock

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A river of time, it marks our life
From birth to death, there is no rhyme
A chance to meet, along the way
Will we go or, will we stay?
There is no sound of, tolling bells
The task on earth is living well

I dreamt my grandma, held my hand
Felt the stranger, in this land
Her ancient voice called, out to me
And have your choices, plain to see
Its time to move on, down the line
All you floatin in a river of time

The banks were shrouded, in the fog
From the shore, a barkin dog
Recalled a time, long forgot
The flowers there, forget-me-nots
I saw a wave from, friends of mine
As i rowed down the river of time

It might be nice i, could have said
To speak to loved ones, long since dead
Lives still flow there, on the shore
And i shant see them, anymore
Not on this side, but in dreams
And dreams arent always what they seem

The river flows, its just begun
My daughter follows, and my son
When my time ends, ill rest on land
And while i slumber, theyll still stand
Theyre a part of that endless line
We all still float in a river of time

As i float through, another day
There are no waves to, rock my way
Water lifts, my spirits high
And in this moment, you and i
Feel the current, flow so fine
As we float down a river of time

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