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J-rich Lgi

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Driving down the highway
Cruising wit my top down
Damn my eyes super low
Watching for the cops now
Blowing smoke in the air
Colder than moscow
But nigga ain't rushing
Imma slow it down
I'm so outta my mind
I hope u notice now
Shoutout to my weed
Man he got that potent loud
Shoutout to the girl in the dress ass poking out
Had to pause for a minute
Swerving through the lanes champagne spilling
Head in the backseat oh what a feeling
Up all day up all night
Something so wrong just feels so right
Living in the moment i promise you gone like it
Roll it pass it cause i'm a light it
My life is so fucking exciting
I'm not driving cause i don't have my license
This shit gone get me in trouble
Pass me what you drinking shit make it a double
I'm smoking and drinking drinking and smoking
What the fuck is u thinking u rappers is bogus
I can feel it in my lungs lgi shit we number one
Baby asked me can i make her cum
And before all that roll another one

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