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Killing The Dream

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All we've got is nothing. the road we chose was long, and far too hard. and the sight of you brings no rest. just more to bear and everything to lose. this silence says it all, and i wish i'd never heard. but i've been tired for so long now, and nothing seems to matter anymore. so sing me to sleep with a lullaby of lies, because i'm broken now, lying on an empty floor. and all i got was "forever". this fire burns with hope, and fear, and need. but i've seen too many night to ever let it die. love is only a word. i've searched for answers and all i've found was a liar and a thief in you. yesterday you saved me from the world. today you took it all away. how come it's our best years that always end the worst? and they never seem to end. so maybe they were right. it takes some time, but in the end, everyone goes down.

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