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Date de parution : 29/11/2010

Durée : 0:04:25

Style : Rock

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I can feel a cold breeze brush through my hair down by the river side
The water's so clear and the sun is shining, happy spring's arrived
It feels as if live has returned again filling the atmosphere with happiness
Reminds me of times i've spent with you, in my whole life they where the best

Every beginning has an end even though i keep thinking of you
The times we've spent together that is something i'll get over too
I miss you

The sun went under, the moon is glowing, the stars are shining bright
Lying in the fields gazing up to the sky, what a wonderful night
Surrounded by relaxing silence, enjoying the moment for a while
It reminds me of times i've spent with you, was it even worth my while

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