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Crest Of Darkness

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Date de parution : 29/07/2008

Durée : 0:04:53

Style : Rock

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Listen to the echoes from the past
Read the files named "the years of damnation"
Remember the killing white light

Celebrate the great victory
Our cradle/sector 63 s
Annihilate what's left of christianity
You're now in the hands of satan

Annihilate the old world
You're now entering a new era

Forever/you have to understand
Darkness/ this is just the beginning
Great pleasures are waiting for you/our allied
You/the masters of the universe

Hail satan

Forever we have been warriors
Fighting for our inborn needs
We/the descendants of the oldest one

Celebrate the great victory
Our cradle/sector 63 s

...remember this turning point
In our neverending history the files and learn

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