Paroles de Shape the invisible

Martin Page

pochette album Shape the invisible
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Date de parution : 26/07/1994

Durée : 0:04:34

Style : Rock

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Just another day love seems so far away
There's no sign of life in eden's garden
Just another day liberty's coming out to play
On a belfast street concrete stained
Blood and rain, i'm ashamed

There's a broken man praying for a wounded land
Oh, why can't we shape the invisible?
The faith that's blind, the voice of reason cries
Oh, why can't we shape the invisible?

Just another day brotherhood won't show his face
In the neighborhood drive by shots
Time stops, doors are locked

Behind my door fear is keeping score
Oh, why can't we shape the invisible?
And the dealer won't rest till he sells a child death
Oh, why can't we shape the invisible? yeah

Just another day walking in the steps of cain
In the desert sun lightning strikes
Chemical lights burn my eyes

A mother's son is now a soldier marching on
He's been told to shape the invisible
Under poisoned skies the children wonder why
Our fathers can't shape the invisible

Somewhere a small boy is playing with his toys
Someday his innocence will shape the invisible
Oh yeah

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