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Brandon And Leah

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(verse 1)
What i'm about to tell you is gonna turn you on your head
Cause you gotta understand uh huh uh huh
You see me as a failure cause i'm cleaning up your mess
But i look hotter in that dress uh huh uh huh

I'ma i'ma i'ma i'ma ahhh (x3)
Show stopper show stopper

No no no you don't know me like you think you know me
Oh oh oh i'm a show stopper
Hey hey hey don't you treat me like a door stopper
I'ma i'ma i'ma i'ma ahhh show stopper show stopper

(verse 2)
If you if you like me let me hear you say "me likey"
Let me turn you on your head uh huh uh huh
Your all up tight and mighty
Let me cut you down to sizey
Like a yummy piece of toasted bread oh my god


(verse 3)
I'm gonna get to there i got to go
And when i get there i'll let you know
Before i forget you i'll let you know
I will forget you i got to go

Hummana hummana hummana ha (x3)
Show stopper show stopper

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