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Theophilus london

(ugh)east side nigga,(ugh)west side nigga,

Kreayshawn what up? (ugh)

You know we like to roll up that stint..

M-m-m-me and kreayshawn cookin' up shrimp,
C-c-cookin' up shrimp,roll up that stint.

(yup yup yuppp!)

(verse: 1 theophilus london)

Don't be stealing my spot,
Show how to do this from a west side nigga.
I don't be talkin' all loud,boy.
Tryna hear me out,
Homie read on twitter.
So many chains on my neck,shit so loud!
Every time i do a show,shit gets sold out.
Can's i kick it?yes i can nigga!
Oh but what you,how and cants nigga!
I stand alone,bossy.
I got six hoes on my frosty.
Time's a weird hoe,thats we here for.
Roll up,pass me a beer bro!
Me and kreayshawn cookin' that shrimp.
K-i-s-s yes we each pent
P-pent-pent you know i like to tap that pent.
Yo baby girl tell me whatchu think?(think)

(verse :2 kreayshawn)

I-i-i-i can't hear your swag?yea it's real quiet.
Heard you got those loud pockets,
But i think you still lyin!
Your swag is like a library (shhhhh!) keep it
M-m-my swag is like a choppa in your ear and
I'm fireee!
B-b-boom bow i'm in the room now.
And i'm swaggin' out.
B-bitch-bitches thought i wasn't wit' this shit,
Til' i pulled it out.
Forty count in your face.
Now this bitch is runnin' from the swag in the gun that she didn't know that was coming.
But i'm here now,you fear this.
All these bitches don't pop near this,
Cause if i pop off,then i might just pull your top off,
And that ain't cool.
My swag will kill you and my swag will kill him too!
And these bitches never knew that kreayshawn rockin' wit' this crew.


I'm like oh,bitch?

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