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P.j. Pacifico

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Date de parution : 25/09/2012

Durée : 0:03:45

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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Time to let that balloon go
I've been tugging ay the ribbon just to watch it re-grow
Where it'll touch down, i don't know
So close for so long, you'll sadly be missed
Tied around my wrist, now in the middle of my fist
"on 3, here we go..."

And here goes something that nobody knows
How long will it take to get where it goes?
Let the time show and the wind blow
Let go

Watch it soar as it climbs through the night
Don't worry if at first it don't feel right
The best part of my day is saying goodnight


Into the air as it climbs through the night
I don't know if there's meaning in why it took a hard right

Whomever may find this, please don't be bitter
I attached an s.a.s.e. so please mail me the litter
Because what i put out there is coming right back to me


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