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Rain Fell Within

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Throught the night, follow me; i will lead you to safety.
In your arms i'm complete and in your eyes i find peace.

Must you go so soon? can't we embrace?
Until the night is through, forget the danger we face!
In my emptydays alone, i can't eat and i can't leave home.
Oh my heart longs for you to hold me as only you do!

Sorrow becomes me! please ease my pain.
When you leave me, i go insane!

"sit down, close the door. your soul is mine forevermore!
You will do whatever i say. tonight you die to take the pain away!"

Oh, i cry for the one that i lost and i feel for the soul that needs me.
But i can't be someone that i 'm not. even though i can't bear you to leave.
Oh, my love you are so far away and it seems we are two worlds apart.
Though i fear in the end you won't stay. only you can mend this broken heart.

Oh...until i am with you...
Oh my heart still breaks.

Sorrow becomes me on this quiet evening.
I've crept so slowly into your room, where you're not sleeping...
Knife in m hand, one last breath...
I say goodnight and share your death.

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