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Lions Among Us

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Say what you want about me
You'll never bring me down
The choice is mine.
The choice is clear
We'll tear it to the ground
These hands were made to fight
Your eyes were meant to fear.
This is my calling
The reason that i've been put here

Cast your stone
One day you'll learn this world is not your own

Where's your throne?
Your fake humility will leave you alone

I've held my tongue now for far too long
And i can promise you tonight there will be blood.

I never dreamed that i would see the day
That i would find my fear staring face to face
Now i believe. now i believe
A revolution's all i need.

You talk a big game
With nothing real to back it up
This is my chance
Say that to my face, punk.

I will never be silent
This is my destiny.
We are the revolution
The next awakening.

We've past the point of no return.
Grab the torches; let the fire burn.

This is my life i've held these words for long enough.
And i will never give up. i'll never stop

This is all i'll ever know.
This is my fight:
No greater love!

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