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Date de parution : 11/05/2011

Durée : 0:03:26

Style : Pop

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On a boat somewhere, near the south coast of cuba
Navigating the waves, this voodoo child goes sailing
And then with the sun on her back, she is out there
Adrift just for once, pretending she has no cares

Don't wake me yet from this moment
I have one more chance to find it
In the deep we'll go trawling
There'll be bounty we can share
Just let me wander she cried
I can see in the distance
Loa spirits, they'll be our avatars

On her journey there she'll see lands unfamiliar
Discovering new worlds that once were so far
With no time to meet and the sky her only keeper
Emerging from her slumber seeing stars in a new light


Loa spirits, they'll be our avatars
Loa spirits, they'll be our avatars

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