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It's a done deal,
I won't stress no more,
Back in the game with no love,
Got these niggas talking shit,
Ha, ha, ha,
Let me get 'em for you,
Now listen!!!
As a boy i used to look upon my niggas,
I fell in love with the chainz that they wearing,
My mama told me son don't stress,
One day you will pop your own shit,
And got your own bitches,
I guess we all have dreams but we gotta push hard,
These niggas keep stressing but they don't do shit,
I took the first step and wrote everything that's on my mind,
I told these niggas gotta smoke a lot of weed before you spit that shit,
Lj be in synagogue tell these niggas don't stress,
Got these niggas moving like they mc,
Homie you mad that i'm ic,
I'm burning green salads,
I ain't got no stress nigga,
Bitch you don't have to like me,
But you gotta feel me,
Fly like a bird,
We eat every day tattoo don't trip,
I'm talking 365 cash dreams,
If you ain't form my hood then you done talking about me,
You think i'm one of them,
Don't trip god forwarded this gift to me,
People it's just me, myself and i,
Never know how i slide up,
These niggas be getting money and waste it on bitches,
Homie i ain't giving you lecture,
But i'm just saying facts,
You gotta stay focus like when you fuck your own bitch you wanna make her feel good,
You got your favourate rapper lj be in your bitch nigga,
I work hard, i play hard, i win easy,
A shout out to my niggas pk and ma7,
Lj be rocking this side with some thirst heavy bitches,
Well don't stress my niggas,
Gotta make cash first,
I wont stress no more,
I'm into this shit,
You try'na bring me down by reviling my past on you tube,
Well, hell yeah homie i sold that shit nigga,
You can't do shit cause i'm always up here,
A smoke face nigga, one ring on my finger,
I made it nigga,
I've a dream now nigga,
I'm popping shit everyday nigga,
I keep my game above all these niggas,
Who wanna bring me down now suck it.

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