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Eric Michael Jones

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Eric michael jones (ascap)

Three am we were sittin in my daddys car
Me and lucy mcgee decided to go too far
So we went down to the stripmine
We werent looking for love
Just a piece of happiness
She searched every one of my pockets
As i looked up her new address
Hey hey hey
I rubbed her the wrong way

She ended up with my best friend
Somehow i ended up with her cousin
Wed all get liquored up and smoke some weed
Man our heads were buzzin
When we went down to the stripmine
She was looking for love
I was looking for mystery
Baby maybe ill recognize it
When you put your lips on me

We were high on a hilltop,
Just kids committing little crimes
Like skinny-dipping in the moonlight
While gladys knight was singing
Not much longer would you be mine

Well the hill is gone and a hole remains
On the outskirts of the town
And a man is what that boy became
Now im gonna shut it down
Im calling up lucy mcgee
Shes got kids now of her own
And i got three
Wont you go down to the rally with me
Were closing down the stripmine
Were closing down the stripmine

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