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Knuckle Sandwich

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Johnny worked two jobs
He never missed a day
His family never saw him
They tried to come home on his break

Too much weight strapped to his back
He had himself a heart attack
Died at 41
He gave his life away

Taking it all from me
Soon to be the next minority
Taking it all from you
Would you like to be a sucker too?

Dawn works at the mall
Has a baby on the way
Her boyfriend went awol
They're gonna have it anyway

Ten years pass, she's up to eight
All supported by the state
Her smokes and alcohol
Are coming from my pay

Taking it all from me
No social security
There's nothing left for you
Would you like to be a sucker too?

I'm not stupid
I know when i'm being exploited

On my way to vote today
I don't like either candidate
Giving up my afternoon
Ffor the lesser of two evils i have to choose

Sean is on the right
He goes to church every sunday
My girlfriend's on the left
She's pro-choice all the way

Right or left, repub or crat
I don't subscribe to any of that
I've got no love for either one
I'm last priority

Sit there and pretend not to see
You're being programmed how to think
Are you tired of them fucking with you
Would you like to be a sucker too?

Don't believe everything that you read
Or the shit they show you on tv
Hey, have you heard the news?
How's it feel to be a sucker too?

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