Paroles de Take a long long walk

Silje Nergaard

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Date de parution : 14/07/2009

Durée : 0:03:49

Style : Jazz

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Take a long, long walk
Off a short, short pier
When you're wading ashore
See if i'm waiting here

Take a long, long walk
In the pouring rain
You know a soaking or two
Works a treat on the brain

You caught me on a hopeless day
It's no one's fault but i just have to say
I must have been insane or half asleep
It turns out your promises weren't made to keep

You came and saw and conquered me
But let me give you some advice for free
The time has come tar you to take a walk
If i'm still here when you get back we'll talk

Take a long. long walk etc.

When the goings heavy
And words they just ain't getting through
The choices ain't so many
So you just do what you must do

A stroll would do the world of good
You might just see our love the way you should
There is no hurry but if you're quick
You'll he hack to see my vanishing trick

Take a long, long walk etc.

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