Paroles de Take it away

Sean Watkins

pochette album Take it away
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Date de parution : 08/04/2003

Durée : 0:02:44

Style : Rock

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Take it away, make it ok, i want to loose everything here in this grave
I was born here i know, but this isn't my home
Bury it and all the things pulling me down

One loved the sand, one loved the stone, i saw them both and said, "leave me alone"
Well, my voice was strong and i followed its words
They led me to nowhere and now i'm licking my wounds

Laying still but you are just asleep
You are soon to speak

They stand in the way, complacent in may, a death row of changes awaiting their day
Well they hang around town and they follow you down
And they bang on the door till you're sick of the sound

Lay down what you wanted for so long
Change is what you are

Sick from birth, awaiting the cure, to take away from my sight all of the blur
Well the forms that i see and the colors i know
Just projections created so questions will go

Laying still but you are just asleep, you are soon to speak
Lay down what you wanted for so long, change is what you are

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