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Da Grym Reefer

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Verse 1:

This world is full of niggaz
Who be plottin and scheming
That's why your babies
Who were born anges grow to be demons

Contaminated with a gangster mentality
Forming assholes with a hater personality

I wouldn't bring a life into this world for shit
And anyones who disagrees
You can suck my dick

And that may have made alot of listeners pissed
But i see life as a bitch that's why i feel like this

You may use love as an excuse
But then it doesn't exist.
You may say love is the truth
But then you're bound to get dissed.

And some may listen to this
And may say i depress

I say you missed th whole point of my shit
But nevertheless

There is a hole in my chest
Where my heart used to be
With each day that passes
My soul dies within me

It probably cries within me
But if it does
I can't hear it
And every breath that i breathe
It probably tortures my spirit.

I feel like me and this world
Already had incoherence
Should be expressing endearment
But yet it comes out as indifference

I feel like what is the difference
Whether i'm loved or not?

Picking the petals off flowers
Either you love me or not

And being planted like crop
When young was one of my fears
Used to cry me to sleep

But i ain't shed tears in years

(yeah rest in peace to my nephew breeze,
My nigga t-bone
And all the other fallen soldiers out there.)

Verse 2

Pour my soul through this mic
Through this pen i cry

Whoever said you suffer for your art
They did not lie

Sometimes i wish i could just die
So i could get it over with

But i'd rathe make a million under your nose
Without you knowing shit

Pick up my gun
Tears hit the paper
Made the ink run

I'm not suicidal
I just say shit to make you think some

Cuz i don't fear
If all my peers do not agree with what they hear

My only fear is going to hell
When i just went through it here

Not enough words can express
Growing up in the hood
One thing's for sure
A nigga learns to take the bad with the good
And look for the good in the bad
And either happy or sad
Can't make a change with complaints
And i'm too humble to brag

And for this
I stay
Forever underrated
Should be good
But it's an understatement

Paying my dues i've been caught up on my payments
Trying not to be the fool
And leave the pool on the pavement....

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