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Shane Dawson

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I wake up in the street and i'm covered in pee,
Then my pee turns to chocolate,
That would be fucking sweet.

Then i see a big house,
Then it turns to gingerbread,
Then i see the gardener with an animal head.

I'm walking in through the front door,
High fiving all the midgets on the floor.
Don't forget to take your shoes off the mousekeeper swept up and the mermaid mopped the floor.

The butlers gettin' ready,
These bitches are throwing a party.
Covered in lucky charms, holding a leprechaun,
"lets get this party on!"

Then glitter will fall from the sky-e-i,
Then rainbows will shoot from my eye-e-eyes!
None of this has to do with my-e-i,
My song, my song, my song!

Who cares, cause im really fucking high-e-i,
Jesus turned the pool into wine!
For these ideas you can thank my-e-i,
My bong, my bong, my bong!

I just wanna make no sense,
Hey! look at the president, he's riding an elephant.
I just wanna be a slut,
Big shirts hides my beergut, orgy in the castle jump.

And then we see elvish kids,
Playing with their magic sticks, they're all shooting uniporn.

Wait, i think im loosing my high,
Reality's setting in,
I think i need one more hit, from my bong!

Why don't we go for a ride,
Inside of my weird fucking mind?
Who knows what crazy shit we might find,
So c'mon, c'mon, c'mon!

My songs are all about getting high,
My fans are all drunk, gay guys!
Who cares if i have to rely-e-i,
On my bong, my bong, my bong!

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