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Irish Rovers

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A(am)way to the (em)west ward i'm (c)longing to (g)be,
Where the beauties of (em)heaven un(g)fold by the (d)sea
Where the (am)sweet purple (em)heather blooms (c)fragrant and (g)free
On a hilltop high a(d)bove- the dark (c)is(g)land

Oh, (g)isle of my childhood, i'm (c)dreaming of (g)thee,
As the steamer leaves (em)oban and (g)passes ti(d)ree
Soon i'll (am)capture the (em)magic that (c)lingers for (g)me
When i'm back once more u(d)pon- the dark (c)is(g)land

So (am)gentle the (em)sea breeze that (c)ripples the (g)bay
Where the stream joins the (em)ocean and (g)young children (d)play
On the (am)strand of pure (em)silver i'll (c)welcome each (g)day
And i'll roam forever (d)more- the dark (c)is(g)land

True (am)gems of the (em)hebrides (c)bathed in the (g)light
Of the mid-summer (em)dawning that (g)follows the (d)night
How i (am)yearn for the (em)cries of the (c)seagull in (g)flight
As they circle high a(d)bove- the dark (c)is(g)land

(mary duff's version in f major: am=em, em=bm, c=g, g=d, d=a, use capo on 3rd fret)

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