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Irish Rovers

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Twas the landlords that drove us from ireland
The high rents were our prison walls
Then the famine came round
And blackened the ground
And the auctioneers hammer did fall

Farewell to the ones i adore
And the land i will see never more
For i'm saying goodbye
With a tear in me eye
To the dear little shamrock shore

A ship lies in fairbury harbor
Barely safe over the foam
But to halifax town
I soon will be bound
Far away from me native home


Well they all came to wish me safe journey
The parting still grieves on me mind
Me parents so dear
Me friends far and near
And the girl i left behind


There's work to be had if your able
The new world has treated me fine
With me shovel and spade
I toil at me trade
But riches will never be mine


Well rivers still run to the ocean
The wee birds on feathered wings soar
I dream of the day
When home i will stray
To the dear little shamrock shore

Chorus twice

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