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Irish Rovers

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Well, the sailor and his own true love,
They kissed and cooed like turtledoves.
Arm in arm and fancy free,
Strolling by the deep blue sea.

The deep blue sea, the deep blue sea
Sailin' on the deep blue see. x2

The sailor to his love did say,
'my captain calls, i must away.
Our ship is waiting at the key
To sail upon the deep blue sea.'


As he sailed down from belfast town,
Tear drops from her eyes fell down,
But jonny let me heart full (?) be,
A-sailing on the deep blue sea.


Well he hadn't gone but a day or two,
When the lassie cried, 'what will i do?
I'm tired of waiting so patiently,
Down beside the deep blue sea.'


Soon her sorrow turned to joy,
When she met another sailor boy,
Said he, 'i'll keep you company,
While jonny's on the deep blue sea.'


So if you have a love that's true,
Marry her what 'ere you do,
Then stay ashore and happy be,
Far away from the deep blue sea.


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