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Erik Goes To Germany

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Verse 1:
Try and find me on your side
The curtains drawn and weve survived
I just wanna take a turn for the worse with you
With you
Close the window, steam appears
Lets scribe our names with hearts on the bathroom mirror

The state of our relationships
Code red now that were done with it
Ive got little or nothing more to say to you
Youre a still and happy mess

Hit the dance floor
Save romance for
I just wanna take a turn for the worse with you
With you
Take what ive got
Girl, were so hot
Lets set these sprinklers off and let nature take its course

Verse 2:
They say were both little people that grow under the spotlight
We put aside the fact that together were just right
And never mind
Never mind this heated mess weve got ourselves in
Cause the truth is that i miss you

You and i, we stopped the time
We killed the tenseness
Lost the rhyme
Were coming from out triumphs only to announce
The start of our decline

Chorus (2x)

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