Paroles de The ghost of new orleans

Craig Herbertson

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A street car named desire
Lights the lights on the funeral pyre
Madame duvall is not retired
Shes looting brandos jeans

Top hat coat tail
Call the baron if all else fails
Deaths head and a banshee wail
On mississippi steam

And is she the girl of your dreams
That sweet jazz queen
Pretty miss new orleans
You can put her in a bottle for fifty cents
But dont tell evangeline
Shes a ghost of new orleans

The duck girls on the prowl
Voodoo chil starts to howl
On bourbon street a jazz band growls
The name of sweet maxine

Sin city new orleans
Ever fall in love with a burlesque queen
Ever banjo annie as she kissed jim beam
Yall know what i mean

This aint sesame street
Heres where the lost and lonely meet
Graveyards drowning at your feet
Sister gertrude on a tambourine
And she sings.

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