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Julie puts her make up
On her face ev'ry day

She's a woman
Yes i know

She's a woman
Even so
She's the talk of all the usa

The talk of all the usa.

I went out with julie
To a party one night.

She's a woman...

I was mad i completely
Turned blind

She wouldn't let me love her
And it blew my mind
Julie said man
I must be very sure
She told me that she'd
Never been loved before.
Then i put my coat on
We decided to go.

She's a woman...

On the way back home
I tried with julie again

She's a woman...

In the car with remote
Controlled hands

I knew that little julie
She would understand

When i got there before my very eyes

I'll tell you man
I got myself a big surprise.
Julie had that something
Other girls didn't have.

She's a woman...

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