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Cels Dupri

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(verse 1)
I'm looking through the eyes of the wood frames
Some shit you can't hide, its like a new game
Honestly i'm not surprised, i knew it would change
Bitter niggas dispise i'm in a new range
Fake deaf when you hear a nigga talking slick
Make a left when fly niggas walking swift
They claim i'm hungry for the game, i want all that shit
And now the presence of fame is lookin all legit
So i sit back and let the hate roll in
I know i'm doing good, the traits showing
A couple thousand hits, they see me on the web
Cuz i stay up on my grind, i never miss a step
Deep breath, what you mad for?
Nigga it aint my fault that you say yo cash low
And you say you rap jo
Well wher the hell yo cash flow
All these damn haters is making me just wanna brag more
I brag more

(verse 2)
Yeah i laugh slow
I can't see the hate if you posted in the back row
Yeah you kno i stack dough
Right before i bag hoes
And i might bag yours, if she a bad hoe
Guess that's why they mad for
But i don't really give a fuck
I'm hollering at labels, tell them ars they should give it up
Give it up
Uunnn i'm growing more and more as an artist
And truth be told, i think i work the hardest
I think i move the smartest
I'm working on my harvest
That chicago grind just make me go the farthest
They tell me sign my name on the dotted line
And i just wanna shine i'm thinking in my mind
Like damn, where the hating end?
Everybody do it, you'll think it was a blatant trend
But i'm just tryna stack my money and never make it end
Til i get so much that i can barely make it bend
Quit the hating man

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