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Date de parution : 25/07/2006

Durée : 0:02:16

Style : Alternative

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So much for the change, the re-arranging and politicians declared dead
So much for the troops forced out of ireland, the police abolished
I read that things had gone too far
And awareness had caused concern at the top
But their backbone must not crack, so their city will not stop

We need a whole new ploy to direct our motives and anger
Force what we see as right but the system holds our banners
We need that new ploy, direct our feelings and anger
Force what we know as right, make our feelings turn into action

Meanwhile senile morons are shitting bricks
Because they know the people have learnt
Just who's who and who funds what
It's time those bastards tables burned

But it has all been said in another time
And if i have sung it once then it is a thousand times
That if we don't do it now we are never gonna break
Free from the oppression that makes us hate

Free from their law, their hypocrisy
From their war that turns our sunny day gray
To free all the animals locked in a cage
Slowly going mad with fits of rage

It's time to overcome 1984
Forget that fairytale, slam shut the door
It's time for reality, not false hopes
It's time to show them who's the joke

It's time to take, it's not too late
So much for the changing
Re-arranging everything else we said
So much for their scum forced out of ireland
They increased the pressure instead

If things have gone too far
Then action will prove fatal to their props
Yes that backbone might not crack
But their city tears apart

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