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Sabrina Bryan

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I can't confess, i'm already heart broken,
And i can't get off this pedestal (oh no)
How selfish am i to have let you go and i
Wish it didn't have to be this way (oh no)
Sometimes i get off track, and i stay that
Way forever, oh and this is what i think

Both chorus:
This relationship may be over, it may be in
Danger, but i'm not given up, no, i made a
Commitment (i made a commitment), and i'm
Gonna keep it, this relationship is not over

Most of me is gone, my heart is in pieces and
I can't see you go, i can't see you cry

Both repeat chorus

I don't think that i can walk away or forget
You, there's nothin in this world that i
Wouldn't do for you

Both repeat chorus 2x

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