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I could never hide away
In a place you won't see.
Caught between the way i am,
And the way i want to be.
You can take away the mask that hides the man inside.
You illuminate the ways of darkness i denied
And even though you see,
You keep on lifting me...

Til everything i do,
I do for you.
Through every test of faith,
You take me through.
Til every path i take,
Is strait and true.
Til everything i do,
I do for you.

One by one you chip away
At the edges of my heart,
Till you see the hardness,
And the willfulness depart.
You let me see my pride
Then pull me to your side.
Though i grow closer to the image you intend for me,
I won't be all i'm meant to be,
Til face to face i see...


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