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I was alone not long ago
Without a love to call my own.
I was afraid and thought
It wasn't meant for me.
I didn't need anybody else
That was what i would tell myself.
And i believed that that was how it would be.

I used to think that i was fine.
Oh, that i was doing ok.
I didn't know that i was blind.
I just went on along my way.
I didn't know what i was missing
'til i felt you tender lips
Kissing my fears away.
I'm so glad you're here today.

I never had somebody i could lean on.
I never had a shoulder i could cry on
'til i found you babe -
'til i found you.
And i never had somebody i would think about.
I never had someone i coudln't do without
'til i found you babe -
'til i found you.

I had been badly hurt before.
Eversince then, i would ignore
Any chance for love -
I thought it was a lie.
I learned to realy on myself
And i thought that i was doin' well
Until you came with something
I just can't deny.

I used to think that i was fine oh,
I was doing alright.
I would go on and do my thing
Everyday and every night.
I didn't know what i was missin'
'til i felt your tender love
Fillin' me up inside.
I love you with all my might.

(and i never knew how good a love could feel
'til i found you babe, wooh.
And i never thought a love could be so real
'til i found you.)

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