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Cels Dupri

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Tell me where the time go
Looking at the pictures in my brain i rewind slow
Only one life but for me i got 9 more
Nothing last forever unless you look with your eyes closed
I know
Flashing lights
Yeah you saying trust you but you bad luck
Black crow
Smile in yo face but they really try to
Laugh low
Was talking to my bro he said revenge is the cash flow
Bad hoes
I want just a tad more
We all got a purpose but conceal it like a bath rob
Now mad more
Say i'm too casual
Grind work hard i hope yal catch me like a bad cold
Uh un huh they looking at me like the sky
But i can't show it all so money my disguise
Time fly, they wonder why
A devil in an angel's eyes
But i'm just living for the moment tell the angels bye
And every beat ima slaughter
Try to match every line that a nigga thought of
I swear i never trip when they say times get harder
We was in the same boat til i walked on water


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