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Date de parution : 10/03/2009

Durée : 0:02:38

Style : Rock

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I celebrate my tomatoes
I grow the best in town
I sell 'em to all my neighbors
They're big and red and round
I plant 'em next to my onions
That sit beside my herbs
When rain and dirt and sun mix
Good things come from the earth

Remove seed
Prepare soil
An inch deep
Plenty of sun

I'll trade you for some basil
Some spices and some seed
Some garlic and some ginger
And eucalyptus leaves
I've heard about the berries
Seen pictures of the farm
The interstellar soil
That's buried with the charms

Why grow grass
Why grow lawn
When it yields for you all year long
Squash for a snack
Beans for lunch
Spinach, broccoli give some crunch

Basil, ginger
Some garlic and some ginger
And eucalyptus leaves

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