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Oh, i see the great mountains
Oh, i see the lofty mountains
Oh i see the corries
I see the peaks under the mist
I see right away the place of my birth
I will be welcomed in a language which i understand
I will receive hospitality and love when i reach there
That i would not trade for tons of gold
I see woods there, i see thickets
I see fair, fertile fields there
I see the deer on the ground of the corries
Shrouded in a garment of mist
High mountains with lovely slopes
Folk abiding there who are customarily kind
Light is my step when i go bounding to see them
And i will remain a while there willingly
Composed by john cameron (ballachulish) in 1856
This tune evokes a mixture of emotions; it has often been played in funerals, including
John f.
Kennedy's in arlington, virginia, 1963

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