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Rob Klajda

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Everything seems like a good idea
At the time
Till you see your face
In the rear view mirror
Heading out of bounds
Hot on the heels
Of something you cant buy
Something you cant steal
You can say i love you
But words are not enough
To pull me through this field
Of broken hearts
And feel your touch
The memories, the future
The laughter and the lust
Weve crossed a bridge to someplace
We dont talk about very much
Do i have your trust?
Could you give it to me?
Do i ask too much- just a little trust?
Is it in your soul? will it not let go?
Is it all too much? just a little trust
Stop questioning my questions-
The way you always do
If i had any answers
Id give them all to you
So many emotions written on your face
I think i get the story
But i cant turn the page
Pick a pretty flower, the pretty flower dies
It doesnt hold its beauty
It never again thrives
The butterfly collectors
Have left you feeling shy
I dont want to hang you on the wall
I want to see you fly

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