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Rob Klajda

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I wanted you to see me flying high
I circled you
My shadow floating on the ground,
Racing after you
I wanted you tight in my grasp
My talons eager to caress
Your long hair blowing in the wind
Beckoned me
I followed you as far as i could
Why did you run from me?
I never meant you harm
Was it my voice you couldnt trust?
Did i sound too much
Like a song youd heard before?
Why do you fear me?
I am fragile in construction
You could crush me in your hands
Or hold me on your arm
I followed you as far as i could
Ill bet you cant believe
That i would ever say goodbye
But two birds tied together cant fly
I hope to see you someday
In another place and time
Riding high on a cloud at the top of the sky
Now here i am in solo flight
I promise myself
That ill never fall so hard again
All this puts weight upon my mind
My attitude is in decline
But thatll change in time
I followed you as far as i could

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