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Father Einstein

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Two canaries hand-in-hand,
Living in cloud-cuckooland.
Two canaries trying to stand,
Living in cloud-cuckooland.

Verse 1
Write me a love letter, make it short,
Waste no words, a last resort.
Pour me a bottle of wine half-dressed,
Victims of love at rest.

Verse 2
Burst into song on the road to hell,
Souls devoted, stuck in a shell.
See eye to eye, try to mimic delight,
Victims of love in the night.

Repeat chorus

Verse 3
Have no regrets, take no more,
Murder with words, with love cross swords.
Roar at the top of your lungs in a flood,
Victims of love for good.

Verse 4
Dress to kill, point and shoot,
Risk it all, tell the truth.
Over the hills and far away,
Victims of love gone astray.

Repeat chorus

Gather your will power, break the news,
Try not to sob, break the news.
Up in your tower break the news,
Youre falling in love with a crow.

Repeat chorus

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