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Da Grym Reefer

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Date de parution : 10/10/2010

Durée : 0:04:19

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Ready for some dick
Already in the bed
My niggaz made it first
You already givin head

(repeated x5)

Sucks dick habitual
Made into a ritual

I get out of bed...(you already givin head)

We were supposed to go out on the town
Eventually go
Get full and fed but...(you already givin head)

So we stay in an fuck
You get up
Make breakfast in bed but instead you...
(you already givin head)

These bitches...
These bitches give head like lettuce
There's no need to get jealous
Don't front bitches
We know...(you already givin head)

In a car
In the shower
Everyday every hour
At the strike of the tower

For the money
The power
For the weed
For the powder
For the rock or the flour
( already givin head)

And i'm not gonna stop ya
And i'm not being bothered
Unless i know from the door
(you already givin head)

I love a thick chick
With a tongue rang
Me you and that equals fun thangs
It ain't game you know
(you already givin head)

(hook x4)

These hoes slurp and they slobber
Suck a dick like it's ba-ba
If i called you "tomorrah"
(you already givin head)

That's why
All i can do is fuck ya
That's why i can't never love ya
Undercover the moment i fucked ya
(you already givin head)

That's why i put it down
That's why i stick around
I pull my boxers down
(you already givin head)

I peep down to the habit
The way you was looking at it
I knew from the moment you grabbed it
(you already givin head)

I ain't no fucking fool
I'll even let you choose
Suck a dick or eat this food
(you already givin head)

You love a fat ass dick
To rub across your lips
Before between your hips
(you already givin head)

That's why a nigga love ya
I mean that is...
To fuck ya
Once that mind hits the gutter
(you already givin head)

Try to slip on a rubber
You be on it like butter
Tried to put it on but uhhhh
(you already givin head)

(hook to fade)

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