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U heard

Yeaaah boooooooy 2005 baby ya boy we still here, unknown source music


Unknown source music u heard, unknown source music u heard, unknown source music u heard,
Thats right baby


This style is prefered you heard, my styles from the gutter, word u heard, every verse
That i spit from the dirts definetly gone hurt, the 3rd i mean row the upper level
A paper chase cant settle, you heard f me your existance ain't certain see, so hold dat you


Aaaah ahhhh ahhhh, u heard ahhhh ahhh ahhhh, u heard


I came to spread the word so i hope you heard, imma freakin disease that cant be cured
Like no amount of medicine can heal the world, use to be young and dumb but i been
Mature, like big timers went from goose to furs and david left with dunkin to run the
Spurs, half my lifes a blur use to be so high flying with the birds, sip sip baby mix and stir
I drink so much its obsurd, unknown source got these doors secured, cuz we been observe
This curse of a life, and paying the price and the taxes, put on your hearing aid put on your

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