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Gill Graff

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Gill graff - until i win
(intro hook)
Look at the sky
Rain's coming down
I'm in a dark cloud
The pains numbing down
You better hold on
Its hard to stay strong
If you don't love me now
Well don't miss me when i'm gone
Don't miss me when i'm gone

(verse 1)
Hands in the air, let the shots clink
Diamonds in a glass toast for the past kings
The money and the fame, we see what that brings,
But a nigga still want it what the fuck do ya'll think
Yo dreps let me fail,
And don't pick me up i can do it myself
Bitches still call when i look at my cell
When i got locked up, i just looked my cell
And i found myself ,
Now i walk around like i own this shit
Now they gotta listen cuz i'm on this bitch
Hit a rooftop party when i'm on the strip
And alotta yall mad cuz we gon be rich, huh...
They be like... nigga where you been at
Putting in work to sit where the king at
Church that i prayed in became where i sin at
If you never lost then you never been a winner
Im dinning wit bosses, party wit a goddess
Indebted mamas future, said it was a promise
Her only request is for me to keep it modest
I nodded and smirked and she knew it was dishonest, i
Gon ball, the minute that i get it, i
Wont stall, i'm in it to win it, i
Wont fall, dedicated to them cynics, i
Gon brawl, send that pussy to the clinic, i
Beat it up, that's why they come back
She's loving the cock, but didn't pulla gun back
Shot her face all up, call it self combat
Then she ate it all up, must've been nonfat, ha
Open them curtains on the maybach
Let em see me, when i'm in it, bet they hate that
Got them brass champagne flutes in my hand
Writing lyrics on the tray pad, laid back

I walk a lonely
I walk a lonely
I walk a lonely path
Lord forgive me for my sins

I walk a lonely
I walk a lonely
I walk a lonely path
It aint over till i win x 2

(verse 2)
Understand i'm just saying how i feel
Don't wanta end up in a skid rowww
They say i'm gon' be the meanest rich nigga
Shit, as long as i aint still broke
Married the game wit no prenup
Burried the pain, made all my niggas eat up
Splurge in my name, there's no need for a re-up
Cant merge in my lane, you lames better speed up
Cuz pops said he can see me in a lambo
I wont stop till that nigga is a land lord
We take shots to the chest like van gogh
These whips make me the man now django
On a quest for them euros
Paris show money, i can shop at the hublot
Promoters needa to put me on like new-clothes
Check my retweets, i got fans out in europe
A nigga flow switching gears now
Clothing lines want me to rock their gear now
Blog sites want in on premieres now
Took long, finally im in ya ear now
Acting brand new,
Linked wit the right clique now the brands new,
Leaving wit some hoes once i'm out the venue
Strip club bound and i'm throwing bands too

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