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Fetal Attraction

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Last night as i stared at the sky
I thought is the darkness a blanket
And stars are the holes in it
I wondered what would happen when
The covers got pulled off, i thought
Of the brightness and the uncomfortable sun
Spots. as i stared in the night all my
Troubles were gone and i listened to
Thursday, that beautiful song. now my
Past was forgotten nothing to look
Back on i can stop all the
Sorrys and forget all my problems
The sky is my only friend and
With it i confide in, i throw
Up my heart because that's what
I don't need i don't need
To live and i dont really want
To. so i get rid of my worries
No heart to give, no heart to
Hold, just a blood red gift. my
Mind is now blank for i gave
Away my soul, nothing is left
For me to live for. today was the
Day but i had no chance, her
Mind was made up, no more holding
Hands. the blood runs down from
My wrist and drips off of my
Hand. i fell to the floor happy
The day has come to an end

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